Destination Wedding Sardinia

Desire and Nikki's elopement wedding in Stintino sounds like a beautifully intimate and romantic celebration. Here's a vivid portrayal of their special day:

As the sun begins its descent over the rugged Sardinian coastline, Desire and Nikki, a young couple from Spain, stand hand in hand on the rocky shore of Stintino. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean stretch out before them, reflecting the warm hues of the setting sun.


The couple's decision to choose this secluded and breathtaking location for their intimate wedding speaks volumes about their connection and desire for a unique experience. The rocky shore, though challenging to reach, serves as a symbol of their commitment to overcoming obstacles together.

With the coastline as their witness and the sun's golden rays painting the sky, Desire and Nikki exchange their vows. Their heartfelt promises to each other are carried away by the gentle breeze, adding an ethereal quality to the moment. The waves crashing against the rocks provide a natural soundtrack, harmonizing with the love that fills the air.


Desire's dress, a one-of-a-kind creation handmade in Brazil, envelops her in elegance and uniqueness. The delicate lace and flowing fabric mirror the softness of the sea breeze. As the dress sways with each step, it captures the essence of romance and adventure that define this elopement.


Wedding Photographer in Sardinia Irina Eller Photography

Wedding Video in Sardinia  Emiliano Riccardi Films