Lake Como Elopement Wedding

An elopement wedding of Alice and Giovanni in an old villa on Lake Como sets the stage for an intimate and romantic celebration.


The couple chose a stunning old villa nestled on the shores of Lake Como as the backdrop for their dream wedding. The villa exuded timeless charm with its rustic architecture, ivy-covered walls, and a breathtaking view of the lake.


As luck would have it, the weather took an unexpected turn, but it only added to the romantic atmosphere. The ceremony was moved inside the villa, where the couple exchanged vows surrounded by the warmth of antique chandeliers, candles, and the subtle scent of flowers.


The unpredictable weather didn't deter the couple from taking a romantic boat tour on Lake Como. Braving the occasional raindrops, the newlyweds hopped on a charming boat and sailed across the tranquil waters. The misty mountains and historic villas lining the shores created a magical backdrop for their photos.