Getting ready for your holiday photoshoot

In this blogpost, I will give you a couple of tips on how to prepare for a summer photo shoot if you are a model (client), given the fact that we are talking about Sardinia (or any other hot sunny place)
Place and time
I can advise you some desert beaches or interesting cities, but I am always ready to listen your wishes.
We will choose the shooting scenario and location. Old Italian Borgo or beach. Or maybe a sailboat? The scenario will determine what clothes to choose and what makeup to apply.
A tan
I strongly ask my clients to avoid sunbathing the day before the photo session. And even more so on the day of the shoot. Unfortunately, I very often had to work with clients who, well, sooooo wanted to get a tan before a photo shoot and .... burned! Photoshop can't save the situation here. In addition, do not forget that if today you are burned, then tomorrow you are simply guaranteed swelling, because the skin will somehow try to replenish the moisture that it has lost. Who wants a puffy face in photos? right... Nobody! So please don't overdo it! I also ask you to think in advance about what kind of outfit you want to be photographed in and make sure that the swimsuit does not leave marks where it is not necessary.
Even if we shoot on the beach in 30-degree heat, make-up must be. Some light foundation, lipstick and mascara work wonders and really often save the situation. If you're not good with self make up, ask your photographer to recommend a good makeup artist.



Avoid bright artificial colors, unfortunately they do not always reflect on your skin with good shades. It is better to choose natural colors.


If we are talking about a family photo session or a love story, it is absolutely necessary to match each other in color and style.
Clothing should be appropriate for the location where the photo session is being held.
In addition, I tell my clients what color clothes are suitable for a particular location, taking into account the flowering period of various plants, the color of rocks or houses in a particular town.
A competent photographer will always ask what kind of photos you would like to get from the shooting. You can point the photographer to some of the work in their portfolio that you especially like, or send ideas that you found on Pinterest.